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Find out why our LED upgrades are the easiest and most affordable option for energy efficiency.

Our Technology

We use only high quality UL or ETL Canada & US certified bulbs, selected to match the colour and brightness of your existing lighting. Our bulbs are ordered directly from the manufacturers (and are manufactured) on a project-by-project basis. All of our bulbs are intended for long-life commercial use, and come with a manufacturer's warranty, which we facilitate at no charge.

To learn about how and why LED bulbs save huge amounts of energy compared to older lighting technology, click here.

We select bulbs to replace your current lighting so that re-wiring is kept to an absolute minimum, which keeps our installations lean and fees low. A secondary benefit is that your long-term maintenance costs are also greatly reduced.

It is our business to provide you with the light that you need, at the greatest energy efficiency currently available. We make it our duty to keep our supply chain flexible as lighting technology advances. We do so by regularly attending annual lighting technology conventions, and by building relationships with our various suppliers.