Our Process – GREENLIGHT CANADA – Vancouver LED Retrofits

Our Process

Step One
Identify Opportunity

Buildings with underground parking lots or multi-story common hallways are perfect candidates for an LED upgrade. Wherever lights are on 24/7 there are opportunities for huge savings by switching from fluorescent lights to LEDs.

Our Green Eyes Referrals Program rewards you for noticing an energy-saving opportunity and putting us in contact with the people who can give us permission to conduct a survey.

Identify Opportunity

Step Two
Survey Building

In order to know exactly how much energy (and money) savings an LED upgrade will provide, we need to have a complete survey of the quantities and types of all bulbs to be replaced. We conduct a survey and provide a quote at no cost and no commitment.

Step Three
Calculate savings

We don't blindly trust that a bulb operates at its rated watts. Instead, we use a wattmeter to physically test each type of bulb and its LED replacement to get a precise understanding of the energy consumption and savings. Savings per month are calculated for each lamp by multiplying:

  1. The actual power consumption (watts) of the original fixture, minus the actual power consumption of the LED replacement, divided by 1000 to convert to kilowatts.

  2. The number of hours per month that each fixture is lit. Places that are lit at all times stand to gain the most from an energy-efficiency upgrade.

The result (kilowatt hours) can be translated into hundreds of dollars in savings each and every month. We also take into account the maintenance savings of fewer bulb and ballast replacements for a complete projection over 9 years.

It's important to note that it is impossible to separate lighting from all other common area uses of electricity on an electric bill (like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and IT systems). This is why we use testing and calculation to drive our projections, rather than working backwards from month-to-month billing.

Calculate Energy Savings
Contract Definition - Low Res.jpg

STep Four
Define Contract 

Greenlight Canada provides financing for all bulbs and installation labour. We want to make it painless to save energy: we offer two simple payment solutions. On our Pay-As-You-Save plan, we don't take any down payments, only a fixed monthly fee which we can prove to be far less than the monthly cost of the electricity you'll save. Alternatively, you can choose to make one simple payment and save even more in the long term.

We can help you realize savings from Day 1 – every month of indecision lets energy, carbon, and your dollars be needlessly wasted.

Step Five

Our team of installers handle installation from start to finish, usually completed within 45 days of signing a contract. We use the services of a certified electrician to consult on every retrofit project, and to undertake any work involving wiring. We recycle all the bulbs we remove. 

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Step Six

We facilitate the manufacturer's warranty on all our bulbs: 3 or 5 years depending on the bulb. We provide replacement bulbs free of charge within the warranty period, and we offer support on identifying whether a bulb or ballast is at fault in an outage.