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Know a building that can save money by switching to LED lighting? Greenlight Canada has a $250 reward for contact information leading to an energy efficiency upgrade.

Green Eye

Green Eyes
Referral program

Greenlight Canada wants to help our community by reducing its carbon footprint and saving it money. But we need your eyes to help identify buildings which could benefit from an LED upgrade, so we can get in contact with a building representative. If you'd prefer, you can have a building representative get in touch with us, and still have your referral logged below.

If your referral results in a free lighting survey, you’ll receive a $50 reward. Then, if your referral ends in a contract for Greenlight to retrofit common area lights to LEDs, you'll receive another $200. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Start the 2-minute referral process below. Questions marked with an * require a response.